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Slimjim - Doobie Defender (Aluminium Doob Storage)

Slimjim - Doobie Defender (Aluminium Doob Storage)

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Water Proof

The defender will defend your pre rolled with ease against rain or even a whole bottle of water spilled on to it.  Thus ensuring you never have to worry about anything wet or moisture.

Smell Proof

The biggest problem users face is the smell that is attached to their flowers, The defender is completely odour proof. Even if you use half of your j and want to save the second half for later the defender will ensure no issues with odour.

Heat Resistant & Portable

The defender is heat resistant and easy to carry around in your pocket, thus ensuring your rollies stay safe and do not get crushed

High Grade CNC Aluminum

The defender is made with high grade aircraft aluminum. This unbreakable material will ensure your purchase lasts you a lifetime. 
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